Street Talk: Search Ends For Missing Mom In Sacramento River

The search for a missing mom who witnesses said jumped into the Sacramento River from a boat Tuesday night, was called off yesterday. Authorities searched along the river near Sand Cove Park, on Garden Highway just north of downtown Sacramento, while relatives waited along the banks of the river, waiting for any word. But no signs  of 27-year-old Mary Norman were found.

Norman was reported missing around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, and hasn’t been seen since

Relatives questioned why several people on a boat with Norman stopped looking for her within an hour Tuesday night.

Tommy Pennington, Norman’s cousin said “Her mother — I know she’s at home now crying (and) stressing”. “I’m like, ‘How are you all going to leave a body out there? I mean, you all should still be searching.’ You know what I’m saying?”

Five other people on the boat were interviewed by authorities. No one is being detained at this time.

Sacramento Police Officer Doug Morse stated, “We do know that there was a physical altercation that was reported, there was alcohol on the boat and just based on those circumstances, we needed to talk to everyone”.

The search consisted of officers from the West Sacramento Police Department, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department and the Sacramento Police, on the water & banks of the river.

Mary Norman just moved back to Sacramento in February from Texas, and has been raising two boys on her own.





The City of Sacramento has a long history of gang violence, but recently it seems things have taken an even worse turn. The homicides have risen at a rapid pace in the last few weeks, and many have expressed concern in the community. One of the those people happens to be Jae Synth. Jae is a well known Sacramento music producer/D.J., video director who is no stranger to promoting peace in his city. He produced the record “Peace Treaty” which included prominent local rappers from different Sacramento neighborhoods preaching unity, and is consistently lending his talents to good causes throughout the area.  Jae’s known to shoot videos with many “street” artists, not just in Sacramento, but all across the country, check his resume..  but now he is taking a stand against filming anymore videos that promote gun violence, with his S.T.S movement (Stop The Shootings). Below is a letter to the city on behalf of Jae..Sacboyee Salute! 


jae synth
jae synth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1st of all if u r reading this, then u r truly blessed to still b alive 2day and i suggest u thank God if havent yet.. if u dont believe in God then go thank ur parents or sumthn… the past week has has been HORRIBLE in mi home town of Sacramento.. there is a war going on in the streets and every1 see’s it… and its not jus Sac.. its alllll over America!! our homies hate our other homies yall… blood has been shed MANY times… this seriously NEEDS to stop!!! i kno it never will tho… i KNOW how it is in America as oppose to other countries… but what i DONT kno is, y its STILL like this…

i started posting S.T.S. online this past friday… i’ve gotten a TON of messges from people asking me what it is and how can they b down with whatever it is… people DONT EVEN KNO what it is and wanna b down.. thats soooo dope y0.. i like the fact that i can jus say 3 little letters a few times via social networks and make different types of people actually “think”…. so while im still alive 2day, im going to take the time and exercise that little bit of power i hav to make some of yall “think” some more…

i film a LOT of music video that deal with violence and gangs… the content of some of these videos contain footage that should hav a rated R logo on it… i LOVE mi job and mi previous work and do not regret n e thing in mi past… however… how i’ve been feeling lately, makes me realllllly think about the future… so… since some people dont wanna STOP THE SHOOTINGS then I’M going to STOP THE SHOOTINGS of “those” types of music videos… im NO LONGER shooting music videos that contains Gang promo, Gang violence, Guns, etc… i NEVER hav and will continue to NEVER film a “diss” music video.. people ask me all the time and i ALWAYS refused… if u hav seen a “diss” video it was not done by me.. if a subliminal diss happens in a verse and i missed it on accident or didnt kno what it meant at the time, then i apologize… im over this street war shit y0… i dont wanna shoot those videos n e more… i dont NEED to shoot those music videos n e more… im NOT saying that im not gonna work with certain people… we jus need 2 come different with the visuals… i take partial fault in that.. i support EVERYBODY!!! if u met me and kno me, then u would HAVE NO CHOICE but to say that statement is true!!! i will continue to support ur music and music careers… the content of ur audio i can not change but the VISUALS i CAN and WILL CHANGE….

now for this disclaimer…. i hav all ready shot music video that hav “violent material” that r scheduled to come out in the near future!!!!! i can NOT change that… but like i said, from here on out (at least for a good while) im done… this shit has got to STOP somewhere but it has got to START here!!! OH and PLEASE believe that this will b costing me THOUSANDS of dollars and views!!!! but as Kanye said….

“Well let this take away from mi spins.
Which will probably take away from mi ends.
Then i hope this take away from mi sins.
And bring the day that i’m dreaming about.
Next time i’m in the club, everybody screamin out”

Jesus is walkin with me withOUT a diamond cross on mi neck y0!!!

STOP THE SHOOTING and SAVE THESE STREETS… thats what the fuck im sayin right now!!!