Street Talk: Barbershop Murder Trial Witness Killed


A key witness in the recent “barbershop” murder trial in Sacramento was shot and killed Tuesday night in his vehicle near the Arden Fair Mall.

 Marquelle “Qeazy” Jones, 24,  who helped prosecutors establish a motive behind the fatal Dec. 14, 2010 shootout at Fly Cuts & Styles on Stockton Boulevard, was shot and killed Tuesday.

“Qeazy” identified defendant Louis Mitchell as having robbed him of his gold grill, $40 and an eighth of  marijuana a week or so before the shootout that took 2 lives.

Monique Nelson, 30,  was killed while protecting her 2-year-old son.

While Marvion Barksdale, 20, one of the shooters, also

  also was slain. Four innocent bystanders as well as a gunman who accompanied Barksdale were injured.

Jones testified about being robbed by Mitchell and about a later beating that Barksdale administered to Mitchell on behalf of Jones in response to the robbery.

Jones also was the half-brother of Barksdale, the two slain men shared the same father.

Deputy DA Valerie Brown said at trial that the Mitchell brothers went gunning for Barksdale in the days after the beating.

A jury on Aug. 20 convicted Mitchell, 23, and his brother, Lonnie  Orlando Mitchell Jr., 27, of first-degree murder in the case. barbershop

Co-defendant James Leo Carney III, 35, was convicted of manslaughter. Carney fired the bullet that killed Nelson; his attorney claimed the gunshot came in self-defense while he was under attack by the Mitchells.

A fourth defendant, Larry Dean Jones Jr., 32, was acquitted of all charges.

Two other men, Charles Barksdale, 33, and Dominique Marcell Lott, 31, pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges before trial.

Charles Barksdale is a cousin of Marvion Barksdale and Marquelle Jones.

The Mitchells are scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 24.

On Tuesday night, deputies responded to a shooting call in the 2000 block of the Alta Arden Expressway, near Ethan Way in the Arden Arcade area.

Marquelle Jones, who apparently had been driving, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the center median, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release.

Deputies found Jones inside the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.  

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