Street Talk: R.I.P. Kareem “Aggie” Johnson

Sacramento lost a well loved citizen to gun violence this week.  Kareem Johnson better known as “Aggie” was found shot to death Friday morning on the 3000 block of Bell Avenue. Police are searching for suspect 26-year-old Hishima J. Smalls (pic below) who is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall weighing approximately 200 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. The Sheriff’s Department said he has strong ties to the Pittsburg and Richmond areas. An arrest warrant for charges of murder and robbery have been issued. For something like this to happen to Aggie is a complete shock to anyone who knew him, or had a chance to be in his presence. A caring father, Aggie also helped local at risk youth, and was a talented writer, and musician. He moved from Brooklyn NY to Sacramento with his family as a child, and attended Valley High school. A peaceful soul, Aggie was known to discourage violence, making word of his violent death  such a shock to relatives, and his many friends.

Anyone with additional information contact the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (916) 874-5115.



One thought on “Street Talk: R.I.P. Kareem “Aggie” Johnson”

  1. I worked with Mr. K for years. He was so valuable to the school program and always gave way more than 100%. These kids need people like Mr. K, a positive role model, in their lives and now we have one less. If his shooter had a mentor like Kareem Johnson when he was younger, this may not have happened. I am incredibly saddened by this loss. I will see the ghost of his smile in the halls of our school for a long time to come.

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